Who we are

Deutsche Bank’s Commitment to Innovation and Partnership

Innovation thrives on collaboration, and our partnerships with technology startups produce the best outcomes for our clients. Banks and startups are at their best when they bring together comparative advantages to speed up technological progress. We provide client access, industry expertise and a ready-made infrastructure. Startups bring technology insight, new angles and a flexible way of working. Combining the two is a powerful proposition for our clients.

Critical Role of the Innovation Labs

Deutsche Bank continuously looks at ways to become simpler, more efficient and grow its client business. Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs support this goal by matching external innovation with business requirements. This approach helps us improve the way we operate, offer better services and enhance our clients’ experience. Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs play a central role in Deutsche Bank’s digital strategy and enable growth for the bank.

Platform for Startup Collaboration

With dedicated digital strategy funding, clear lines of communication and shared goals, Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs work closely with technology startups. We are a sandbox with a safe and secure mechanism to test technologies within the bank. From aggressive deadlines to short runways for delivery, we understand the challenges startups face. And we help them overcome one of the greatest challenges of all: accessing decision makers who can give the green light to new solutions.

Technology Demand Challenges

Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs focus on a broad range of emerging technology themes, including:

Machine Learning/AI/Robotics
Distributed Ledger/Blockchain
Quantum Computing
Natural Language Processing
Cyber Security
Digital Retail Banking
Document Automation
Cloud Computing
Cultural Transformation
API Economy & Beyond Banking

Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs Global Leadership

The regional leadership structure of Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs has a specific objective of reinforcing the connection of supply and demand. This allows us to deepen relationships with our Deutsche Bank stakeholders in each region, as well as bring our global presence to bear in proposing the very best solutions.

Dr. Luc Mériochaud

Global Head of Innovation & Regional Head of Continental Europe & APAC

Luc Mériochaud is Managing Director and Global Head of Innovation at Deutsche Bank. Luc spent 13 years with McKinsey and Goldman Sachs, with a focus on strategy and innovation for financial services in Europe, Asia and North America. Luc studied Economics and Business in Paris, Oxford and Berlin and has a Ph.D. in capital markets theory. He has been an active startup mentor for many years.

Joerg Landsch

Head of Deutsche Bank Labs Americas

Joerg leads our Deutsche Bank Innovation Labs in New York and Palo Alto. He covers Corporate & Investment Banking for the Americas, as well as Infrastructure functions for the Chief Financial Office, Chief Regulatory Office, the Chief Administrative Office and the Chief Information Security Office. His experience in business development, mergers & acquisitions and regional banking means he has an intimate understanding of how to get things done in a large, global bank. Joerg is also an active startup mentor.

Jon Pearson

Head of Deutsche Bank Labs United Kingdom and Ireland

Jon leads our Deutsche Bank Innovation Lab in London, covering Corporate Investment Banking for the Europe and Asia, as well as Infrastructure functions for the Chief Operating Office, Chief Risk Office, the Chief Data Office and the Chairman’s office. Prior to joining the Labs, Jon led strategic technology initiatives across Client Coverage, Research, Global Markets and Global Transactional Banking. His focus includes cross-divisional initiatives around Distributed Ledger, Machine Learning and Know Your Customer.

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